GIGA-CUT PLUS professional ceramic tile cutter
GIGA-CUT PLUS professional ceramic tile cutter
Art. No. Cutting Diagonal Cut Breaking Qty Weight Cartoon Size
Length (mm) Thickness Cartoon (Kg) (cm)
35662 935 mm 660x660 5 - 15 mm 1 28.50 34x132x26
35663 1200 mm 840x840 5 - 15 mm 1 33.50 34x159x26
35664 1350 mm 950x950 5 - 15 mm 1 35.60 34x174x26
35665 1600 mm 1130x1130 5 - 15 mm 1 40.80 34x204x26

Product Description

• The most important property is,the fixed force application on the cutting wheel, by the help of two gas springs on both side of the handle group.
• Round shaped steel is welded at the center of the base to ease the breaking of tiles.
• Specially designed ruler can be used easily.
• Manufactrued for professional users.
• Side supports are used for big tiles to keep them in balance while cutting.
• Specially designed cutting handle works with zero tolerance.
• Cutting handle moves on 40x15mm cold rolled steel bar.
• Double breaking system with plastic coating.
• Small magnet mounted into the aluminium breaker, lifts it up while scoring, which prevents making a trace on the tile.

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