MASTER-CUT ceramic tile cutter
MASTER-CUT ceramic tile cutter
Art. No. Cutting Diagonal Cut Breaking Qty Weight Cartoon Size
Length (mm) Thickness Cartoon (Kg) (cm)
35556 700 mm 490x490 3 - 16 mm 1 13,20 30x100x19
35557 850 mm 600x600 3 - 16 mm 1 15,10 30x115x19
35558 1000 mm 705x705 3 - 16 mm 1 16,50 30x130x19

Product Description

• Specially designed cutting handle works with zero tolerance.
• Triangular shaped steel is welded at the center of the base to ease the braking of tiles.
• Equipped with 90°/45° steel square.
• Double breaking system.
• Thick and elastic sponges serve as spring bases.
• Side supports are used for big tiles to keep them in balance while cutting.

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Cutting handle consists of 11 roller bearings.

Used with Ø 22 mm cutting wheel with bearing.

Zinc alloy ruler is mounted at the front side of the machine.

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